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  Windows FTP or Command Line FTP

Later Windows 9x/Me versions and all NT/2000/XP versions have FTP capabilities built into the operating system and launched via the command prompt. This is handy for scripting and automating FTP functions using the scheduler service.

Step 1
Click the start button, click run, and then type in ftp and press Enter. Or open the command prompt (MSDOS Prompt in Win98/Me) and type ftp at the prompt. This will launch the FTP client within Windows as indicated by the FTP> prompt.
For a list of commands available type help at the FTP> prompt and hit enter.

Step 2
Type open <hostname> and press Enter. Where <hostname> is your domain without the "www." at the start of it. For example, if your domain was "www.yourdomain.com", you would type open yourdomain.com.

Step 3
Type your username when asked for login name and press Enter.

Step 4
Type your password when asked for password and press Enter.

Step 5
Type cd /wwwroot and press Enter. Make sure that you include the "/" before "web" or your web page will be uploaded to the wrong place and you won't be able to see it. This takes you to the directory for your site's home page.

Step 6
Type put <path> \index.html and press Enter. This uploads the index.html file.
(<path>is the local path to your home page file on your local disk, and index.html should be the actual name of the file containing your Home page). For example, if you had your index.html file in the folder "mysite" on drive C:, you would type put c:\mysite\index.html. Type put <path>\ <filenames> for the rest of your web site's files that you want to upload. (<filenames>stands for the name of each file that you want to upload).
Step 7
Type quit and press Enter to return to the command prompt and leave FTP. This terminates the file transfer session. You may now close the command window.
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