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Step 1
Open Cute FTP.
Step 2
Select Site Manager under the File menu.
Step 3 - Site Manager
Shows you what FTP accounts you have setup and allows you to add new ones. To add a new site click the New... button at the bottom of the window.

Step 4 - Site Settings for New Site
In this window you will enter your user information. Enter information as follows:
Label for Site: Whatever you wish to identify the site by.
FTP Host Address: yourdomain.ca
FTP site User Name: <USERNAME>
FTP site Password: <Password>
Where <USERNAME> is your logon ID and <Password> is your logon password.
FTP site connection port: Leave the default [port 21]
Login type: Normal
Click on Edit... a Site Properties dialog box will open.
Set "Default Remote Directory" to /wwwroot.
Click OK... Click Connect.

Step 5 - Connected and uploading
The left explorer window is your local directory on your hard drive, the right side is the server's directory.
Make sure you are in the /wwwroot folder on the remote server.
Highlight the files you wish to upload.
Click on the "Up Arrow" button to upload them... Warning: files of the same name on the server will be overwritten without promts.
The right hand pane should update showing your file successfully uploaded.

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