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Domain Transfers

If you are transfering an existing domain to our servers you will need to change the name server information for your domain to that of our name servers. Visit your registrar's Domain Name modifications area (or account modification) on their web site and follow their procedure for transferring your Name Server information. For Technical Contact information you can use your own name or you may use the information given below.

Domain Name Servers (DNS)


Primary DNS Server Name:   ns1.ns41.com
Secondary DNS Server Name:  ns2.ns41.com

Technical Contact Information


You can use your own information for the Technical Contact or use:

Tech-Name: Domain Master
Tech-Title: Domain Registration
Company: Technetex Canada
Tech-Postal: 21 Bradbury Crescent, Toronto, ON L4N 7J4
Tech-Phone: 416-622-2280
Tech-Mailbox: dm@technetex.ca



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