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Built-in ASP Objects

Other ASP Objects

VBScript Reference



ASP Reference

This page contains links to valuable reference material and sample code snippets that you can copy and paste to modify for your own applications. Each code snippet has been tested and certified functional on our windows 2003 servers. We have tried to include comments in the code that are clear as possible to make customizing as easy as possible.

In order to benefit everyone, we will post solutions to requests here as they come in. Check here first to see if your need has already been addressed.

Built-in ASP Objects
Application Object Response Object
ASPError Object Session Object
ObjectContext Object Server object
Request Object  
Other ASP Objects
File System Object Drive Object
File Object TextStream Object
Folder Object  
ASP in Action
CDO.Message Script for sending mail from ASP pages
      Download sample script  
Database Connections Connecting to MS Access or MySQL Databases
VBScript Quick Reference
Statements and Keywords Operators
Control Structures Math Functions
Type Checking Functions Date Functions
Typecasting Functions String Functions
Formatting Functions Other Functions
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